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Do you have the right tool for the job in your belt?

I can help  with creative, fundamentally sound solutions.


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Want to bring the best out of your managers offer training, but don’t have the budget to hire a full time Director of Training?

Time management, communications techniques, budget development, life/work balance, mentoring… pay for what you need, not for what you don’t. I will develop a solution that proves to be an investment, not an expense.



"Tom Willis is excellent and makes any topic interesting and fun.”
          – Time Management Seminar Attendee

Are you in that uncomfortable place of growth where you are just a little too busy and everyone is stretched just a little thin until the next client gets in the door?

Rent-a-PCAM can fill in the gaps, get it done right, and mitigate the negative impact on your company.

Got a client without a clue that’s sucking the life out of your company?

Maybe an outside facilitator can get the message across with customized leadership training.



"I don’t know what you said at the training session, but they are a different Board now.”
          – Management Company Owner



Have a client suffering from a lack of trust and a contentious election coming up? Is it a client with multiple ownership percentages, raising the stress level of your manager worried about making in error?

Why not get out of the fray and let me handle the quorum and vote count for you.



Need a ringer to handle a tough situation with a client, but don’t want to pay full freight? Contract the support you need. Try Rent-a-PCAM. When the job is done, I’m gone. No full-time salary burden. My early training as "Site Operations Specialist” (S.O.S.) was challenging and invaluable. I developed a reputation for identifying root problems and fixing them efficiently and effectively.



Do you have a client with a major capital project looming and want to take advantage of the opportunity to cement your relationship with them by doing an awesome job visioning and facilitating the project, but don’t currently have the resources to get it done?

Be a hero. Give your client what they need. Rent-a-PCAM will get it done and make everybody look good. Or…let me give your managers the tools they need to be heroes.



Is your client so far in the weeds they have no vision? Are driving themselves, and you, absolutely bonkers?

My proven "Strategic Planning Lite” program may shine the light to help them focus on the bigger picture and let you get to profitability.

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